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  • Scentsy Executive Orville & Heidi Thompson
    Scentsy Executive Annie Price Party Mode Scentsy Executive Annie Price Party Mode

    Heidi & Orville Thompson

    Co-Owners, President & CEO

    The perfect balance of rudder and sail, Heidi and Orville partner in leading Scentsy with passion, dedication and commitment.

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  • Scentsy Executive Chuck Thompson
    Scentsy Executive Chuck Thompson Party Mode

    Chuck Thompson

    Chief Culture Officer

    Humor, knowledge, kindness, heart: Chuck guides the Scentsy family culture with all this and more.

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  • Scentsy Executive Dan Orchard
    Scentsy Executive Dan Orchard Party Mode

    Dan Orchard

    General Manager, Emerging Markets

    Culturally curious and always travelling, Dan explores new frontiers in support of Scentsy growth and opportunity on behalf of our Consultants.

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  • Scentsy Executive Eric Ritter
    Scentsy Executive Eric Ritter Party Mode

    Eric Ritter

    Co-General Counsel

    Eric and his team find creative legal solutions for everything from complex commercial transactions to intellectual property issues.

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  • Scentsy Executive Ernie Satterthwait
    Scentsy Executive Ernie Satterthwait Party Mode

    Ernie Satterthwait

    Chief Information Officer

    Equipped with an eager and adventurous spirit, Ernie leads the Technology Team.

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  • Scentsy Executive Izzy
    Scentsy Executive Izzy Party Mode


    Chief Ball Chaser

    Meet Scentsy’s top dog, Izzy.

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  • Scentsy Executive Kevin Kirkpatrick
    Scentsy Executive Kevin Kirkpatrick Party Mode

    Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Focused on long-term goals and Consultant success, Kevin enthusiastically guides Scentsy’s long-term strategy.

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  • Scentsy Executive Kirk Nickel
    Scentsy Executive Kirk Nickel Party Mode

    Kirk Nickel

    Chief Product Officer

    Always ready to deliver the next must-have Scentsy product, Kirk leads the Product Development, Sourcing and Supply Chain teams.

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  • Scentsy Executive Lindsay Randolph
    Scentsy Executive Lindsay Randolph Party Mode

    Lindsay Randolph

    Chief Creative Officer

    In a world where fragrance products are the definitive canvas, Lindsay thoughtfully leads the Creative Team.

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  • Scentsy Executive Mark Stastny
    Scentsy Executive Mark Stastny Party Mode

    Mark Stastny

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Daring to defy the 9-second attention span, Mark purposefully leads the Marketing Team.

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  • Scentsy Executive Reed Brimhall
    Scentsy Executive Reed Brimhall Party Mode

    Reed Brimhall

    Chief Financial Officer

    The best storyteller you will ever find in a finance department (or elsewhere), Reed creatively leads the Finance Team.

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  • Scentsy Executive Richard Steel
    Scentsy Executive Richard Steel Party Mode

    Richard Steel

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Open communication is king to Richard, who leads the people-loving, culture-crafting Human Resources Team.

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  • Scentsy Executive Ryan McFarland
    Scentsy Executive Ryan McFarland Party Mode

    Ryan McFarland

    Co-General Counsel

    With a passion for the rule of good law and a genuine love of people, Ryan handles Scentsy’s litigation and advises executives and employees on the company’s day-to-day legal concerns.

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  • Scentsy Executive Sam Johnson
    Scentsy Executive Sam Johnson Party Mode

    Sam Johnson

    Chief of Staff

    Right-hand man to Heidi and Orville Thompson, Sam oversees everything that happens at Scentsy on their behalf.

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  • Scentsy Executive Tabb Compton
    Scentsy Executive Tabb Compton Party Mode

    Tabb Compton

    Chief Operating Officer

    With a heart for teamwork and tailgating, Tabb leads the Operations Team as they make, pick, pack and ship Scentsy products around the world.

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