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Our Leaders

  • Heidi & Orville Thompson

    Co-Owners & Co-CEOs

    The perfect balance of rudder and sail, Heidi and Orville partner in leading Scentsy with passion, dedication and commitment.

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  • Dan Orchard


    Culturally curious and always travelling, Dan explores new frontiers in support of Scentsy growth and opportunity on behalf of our Consultants.

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  • Chuck Thompson

    Chief Culture Officer

    Humor, knowledge, kindness, heart: Chuck guides the Scentsy family culture with all this and more.

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  • Chris Johnson

    Chief Technology Officer

    With an enterprise mind and an old soul, Chris leads the Technology Team.

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  • Eric Ritter

    Co-General Counsel

    Eric and his team find creative legal solutions for everything from complex commercial transactions to intellectual property issues.

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  • Izzy

    Chief Ball Chaser

    Meet Scentsy’s top dog, Izzy.

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  • Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Focused on long-term goals and Consultant success, Kevin enthusiastically guides Scentsy’s long-term strategy.

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  • Lindsay Randolph

    Chief Creative Officer

    In a world where fragrance products are the definitive canvas, Lindsay thoughtfully leads the Creative Team.

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  • Mark Stastny

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Daring to defy the 9-second attention span, Mark purposefully leads the Marketing Team.

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  • Reed Brimhall

    Chief Financial Officer

    The best storyteller you will ever find in a finance department (or elsewhere), Reed creatively leads the Finance Team.

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  • Richard Steel

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Open communication is king to Richard, who leads the people-loving, culture-crafting Human Resources Team.

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  • Ryan McFarland

    Co-General Counsel

    With a passion for the rule of good law and a genuine love of people, Ryan handles Scentsy’s litigation and advises executives and employees on the company’s day-to-day legal concerns.

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  • Sam Johnson

    Chief of Staff

    Right-hand man to Heidi and Orville Thompson, Sam oversees everything that happens at Scentsy on their behalf.

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  • Tabb Compton

    Chief Operating Officer

    With a heart for teamwork and tailgating, Tabb leads the Operations Team as they make, pick, pack and ship Scentsy products around the world.

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