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Just Breathe Scentsy Bar


Breathe deeply as soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mints comfort and rejuvenate.

Made of high-quality paraffin wax for long-lasting fragrance, Scentsy Bars are composed of eight break-apart cubes designed to use with any Scentsy Warmer. As the cubes melt, they fill your space with our exclusive scents, inspiring imagination and memories. Safe to use — no wick, flame, smoke or soot. Made in Idaho, USA. Net wt 2.6 oz.

2-(2,4-dimethyl-3-cyclohexen-1-yl)-5-methyl-5-(1-methylpropyl)--1,3-dioxane), 2,4,6-Trimethyl-3-cyclohexene-1-methanol (Isocyclogeraniol), 2,6,10-Trimethyl-9-undecenal, 4-tert-Butylcyclohexanol, 4-tert-Butylcyclohexyl acetate, anethol, Benzyl Acetate, benzyl benzoate, camphor crystals, carvone laevo, citral, cornmint oil, Dimethyltetrahydro Benzaldehyde, dioctyl adipate, Ethyl 2-methyl-1,3-dioxolane-2-acetate, Eucalyptol, eucalyptus oil, fenchyl acetate, Isopentylcyclohexanone, linalyl acetate, Methoxy dicyclopentadiene carboxaldehyde, Methyl ester of rosin (partially hydrogenated),methyl salicylate, Tetrahydrolinalool, Vernaldehyde

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