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Diffuser Base


All the fragrance, light and color a Scentsy Diffuser delivers come from our diffuser base. Diffuser shades, sold separately, are placed over the base to give our oil fragrance system its stunning look.

Here’s what our diffuser base does:

* Fills your space with our exclusive oil fragrances for up to 8 hours of continuous use.

* Helps set the mood with 16 colorful LED lighting effects.

* Controls fragrance strength with high/low/intermediate mist settings.

* Controls light and color strength with high/low/flicker settings.

* Allows you to try new looks by swapping out diffuser shades.

Two-part diffuser base (funnel and reservoir) is 10" tall, 5.5" wide. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


1. Remove the shade and the funnel.

2. Fill the reservoir with water.

3. Add 4-5 drops of your favorite Scentsy Oil (or combine oils for a custom fragrance).

4. Replace the funnel and the shade.

5. Select your mist, light and color settings and enjoy!