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Warmers & Wax

Scentsy Warmers are a beautiful and safe way to enjoy amazing fragrance with our premium-quality Scentsy Bars.

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We introduce new, trending warmer designs every season so you can refresh your décor or find that special piece that matches your personality.

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Décor solutions for every space

From bedrooms to bathrooms and laundry rooms, we have a warmer that will fit right in.

Standard warmers melt wax with the heat of a low-watt bulb, enlivening a room with candle-like ambience.

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Element warmers feature heating elements to warm wax without a light bulb.

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Mini warmers plug into the wall or sit on a Mini Warmer Tabletop Base so you can enjoy fragrance in smaller spaces.

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When you add our signature wax scents to your warmer, the result is a beautiful, unmatched fragrance experience.

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Never say goodbye to your favorite Scentsy Bar! Just add it to your Scentsy Club subscription, and we'll keep making it just for you even if it's discontinued (as long as it stays in your order).

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Combine your favorites and save when you buy more!

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Why Scentsy

Our warmers feature premium materials, handcrafted details and a lifetime warranty, so you can purchase with confidence. And our fragrances are rigorously tested to ensure premium-quality scent that lasts.