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Mark Stastny

Chief Marketing Officer

Daring to defy the 9-second attention span, Mark purposefully leads the Marketing Team. These are the brand-builders and storytellers, the people-watchers, posters, taggers and tweeters — yes, they often get the job done in 140 ... wait, 280 ... characters or less.

Mark boasts more than 25 years of passion and experience in marketing strategy, communications, promotions and programs, customer segmentation, public relations, digital and social marketing, and building world-class brands.

When he’s not working with his team to crack the Millennial code, Mark likes hanging out with his family — usually wakeboarding somewhere on a lake or riding horses in the mountains — cycling and playing guitar in those rare quiet moments.

Favorite scents

Clove & Cinnamon
Coconut Lemongrass

A few fun facts

The last frontier

Grew up in Alaska.

Hot rod

First car was a cherry red ’65 Mustang he restored with his dad.

40 meters down

Enjoys scuba diving and the mystery of the ocean.

Go, Cougars

Mark is a proud graduate of Brigham Young University.

What movie can you watch over and over?

Knight and Day.

What do you do to get rid of stress?

Long horseback rides or long motorcycle rides — both are similarly therapeutic.

What are you obsessed with?

Work (in a good way) and right now, building a house.