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Chief Ball Chaser

Meet Scentsy’s top dog, Izzy. This lovable Red Border Collie joined the team back in 2012, when she was just a pup. Expert in campus-wide goose removal and friend to all who visit Scentsy Commons, Izzy’s optimistic attitude and playful demeanor make her a four-legged friend to everyone she meets.

Favorite scents

Fresh Cut Grass
Happy Go Lucky

A few fun facts

Fetch master

Loves tennis balls, Frisbees and more tennis balls.

Mama dog

Proud mom to 10 puppies!

Meeting crasher

Always excited to visit her fellow employees.

Double-dog dare

Once jumped into the Scentsy fountain on a dare.

If I were a Scentsy product, I'd be...

“Scentsy Go, because you can take me anywhere and I’m always ready to work.”
— Dictated to Josh McNitt, HR