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Scentsy Family Foundation

Direct Giving

The Scentsy Family Foundation makes charitable contributions to family-oriented programs, projects and events that bring people together. We believe healthy, happy families fuel vibrant communities. Scentsy staff reviews every application to see if there is a possible fit with Scentsy’s overall goals and mission.

The Direct Giving program considers requests for donations and sponsorships benefiting sustainable, family-oriented organizations that create a significant and ongoing benefit to the families and communities where Scentsy has offices or distribution centers. Historically, grants have been given to directly benefit a cause, not fund an event.

How to Apply

Choose from the options below to determine how to fill out your application. Please thoroughly answer all the questions on the application that apply to your request. This allows us to properly evaluate and process your application.

  1. Program Donation: Request a program donation if you’d like support for a 501(c)(3) organization, such as your local soup kitchen or a summer camp for kids.
  2. Event Sponsorship: Apply for an event sponsorship if you'd like to request a contribution to a charitable event. Is your local women's shelter hosting a benefit? Is your community food bank holding a drive?
  3. Other: We also consider non-501(c)(3) requests for programs that have potential for a broad community impact.

When to Apply

The application process opens Nov. 1 and closes on the last day of February each year. Organizations that submit requests will be notified of the Foundation’s decision during the month of May. Furthermore, awarded grants will not be available until May.

Scentsy considers Direct Giving requests in three main categories with the goal of providing opportunities that enhance the vitality and well-being of families, neighborhoods and communities:

  1. Home: Programs that help strengthen and cement families or enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and veterans.
  2. Health: Efforts to encourage and create healthy communities.
  3. Essentials: Projects that help provide the basic building blocks necessary for families to succeed.

It's up to you to determine which area of focus your request falls under. No matter which category you choose, please thoroughly complete the electronic application.

Please note: We are unable to fulfill every worthwhile program and request that is submitted. If your application does not fit into any of the three above categories or impact an area where a Scentsy office is located, we will not be able to process your request.

Our selection committee will review your request to determine whether it fits our selection criteria. Depending on the nature of your request, additional information may be needed after we've reviewed your application. If so, we'll contact you.

Every application is given a timely response, regardless of the committee's decision. Please do not contact Scentsy to check on the status of your application.

Application Conditions

  • The Scentsy Family Foundation Committee cannot consider requests for product donations or participation in product giveaways. Please contact a Scentsy Consultant in your area to inquire about support.
  • Submission of an application does not guarantee an award from the Scentsy Family Foundation.
  • Any information submitted becomes property of Scentsy and is subject to our privacy policy. Scentsy does not accept unsolicited submissions of creative ideas or materials. Accordingly, when you send us information, do NOT include confidential or proprietary information, such as product concepts, designs, original artwork or other original creative materials.